Car & Other Vehicle Body Repairs

We can cater to anything from a small dent or scratch up to a full paint re-spray. We specialise in dealing with any type of body damage at a reasonable cost and to the highest standards. Whatever the damage to your vehicle, we will give you a free quote and the best possible service throughout the repair process. We only use the highest quality paints and finishing products to achieve a long lasting durable finish.

  • Scratches
  • Small & Large Dents
  • Bumper Scuffs
  • Minor Repairs
  • Free Estimates

Car & Other Vehicle Re-spraying and Paint work

Our workshop is equipped with modern equipment and our experienced staff are well trained in workshop and paint shop techniques to restore your vehicle to a pristine condition. If your car is old and the paint is weathered, or you’ve had been involved in an accident; you should consider utilising our car re-spraying service or use us for car paint work repairs.

We use one of the leading Car Painting systems: Standox

Alloy Wheel Refurbishments

Scuffed or damaged alloy wheels can spoil the look of an otherwise perfect car. LJ and JL Whitcher are specialists in alloy wheel refurbishment, repairing scuffs, corrosion and kerb damage transforming the look of your car.

Our process involves cleaning, repairing, priming, colour painting and finally clear coating the wheel. This ensures a quality and durable finish that lasts.

We offer a wide range of finishes and colours including OEM matching and bespoke designs.

Vehicle Exterior Detailing

We can offer exterior detailing services that suit your budget, specialising in paintwork polishing and protection.

This service is designed for paintwork that contains paint defects such as light scratches, swirl marks and dull oxidised paint.

  • Alloys cleaned using non-acidic products and specific brushes to protect the finish of your wheels
  • All door shuts cleaned and wiped over using separate drying cloth.
  • The car is now clayed to get rid of any contaminates that are bonded onto the paintwork.
  • Wheels sealed and polished.
  • Exterior glass and mirrors polished.
  • Arches cleaned using multi wash and specific brushes.
  • Tar removed from bodywork
  • The vehicle is now machine polished using a high quality compound.This step corrects the defects in the paintwork.
  • A high quality carnuba wax is used to protect the polished paintwork and give the vehicle an incredible high gloss finish.
  • Interior glass polished.
  • Bodywork rinsed via pressure washer, foamed and rinsed, washed with Ph neutral shampoo, rinsed for the third time then dried using micro fibre drying towel.
  • A final fine compound is used to remove any light swirl marks.
  • Arches and tyres dressed.
  • Plastics and chrome conditioned
  • Final wipe down of paintwork.

Custom Car Paint

Our technicians provide custom painting services to match replacement panels to the rest of your car and restore the showroom shine to a post-accident vehicle.

Two-Tone Painting

Two-tone paint jobs first appeared around 50 years ago, and have since become very popular with drivers looking to add a unique look to their car.

Low Bake Oven Spray Booth

This is a self-contained room used purely for respraying your vehicle. The fan-assisted filtered air is maintained at a constant temperature to ensure a top-quality finish. Temperatures of up to 80 degrees Centigrade are used to bake the paint for a tough, durable finish.

Classic Car Restoration

In addition to repairing vehicles damaged by collisions and auto accidents, our expert technicians also restore vehicles damaged by time. From classic cars to street rods, we return rusted, damaged, and non-working vehicles to their original glory. Using the finest reproduction and original parts, we transform your old, worn vehicle into a fully functioning work of art.